Mr. Raymund Jose Alfredo

PRESIDENT & CEO - Omniworx, Inc.
National Vice President (PALSCON) - Present
PALSCON Past President - South Luzon Chapter (2016-2021)
(Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors)

OMNIWORX Inc. Put people first. Our organization is made up of people grouped together, working with one another, aiming for a common goal. An organization is at its best when its people are on equal ground, same vision, in harmony, from the leader all the way to every person in the company.

   The only way to achieve this is when every single one’s needs and aspiration are met as they work for the organization. People’s abilities manifest better when they are happy with what they are doing, which in turn would be for the betterment of the organization and to services we provide to our valued clients.

    We put motivation as a priority so that positivity within the organization emanates. This is important as the heart of the organization is its people, and when everyone is inspired enough to work, the quality of output is superior. Give credit where it’s due. Help out those who are having falling behind. Engage in well-meaning interactions with every single one in the organization no matter what their position is.

    PEOPLE must be the first because the main goal is to make everyone (our people) feel that they’re part of the team, working hand in hand, and are treated as the most important aspects of the organization…Not the money earned, but the PEOPLE.