Service Offered

   We provide highly qualified and competent personnel in every project to achieve desirable results.

Management Services Custodial Services
Front Office Support Services Back Office Support Services
Manufacturing Services Logistics Services
Technical, General & Administrative Construction Works and Repairs


   We believe that God created everything for reason and purpose. This belief in God has strengthen our principles and reason for existence, as we continually strive for excellence. The consistent approach and the ability to analyze unique requirements of Omniworx's client lies in these principles. Through its systems, decision making and laid down purpose, our company has been recognized accordingly.

   We believe in the dignity of work and our responsibility to the end user of our services. We believe that our reason of existence does not end at offering and providing services to our clients but also assuring them our quality service thus, attaining substantial and satisfied clientele. In our effort and continued pursuit for excellence our clients have enjoyed our range of human resource services and specialized project outsourcing to property management service.


   For the fast paced development of consistent years in the industry, Omniworx, Inc. has provided and continually exploring services for its clientele.